A developing series of love poems



If Shakespeare were alive today
would he still write to his true love:
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day"?
or would it be more up tempo?.....

God! You're so fucking beautiful
Such translucence is immutable
And climbs forever in my mind
With clever rhymes your truth assigned
Did I not love you before we ever met?
For love for you has all my life upset
While beauty yours must surely underline
The lost horizon and the sad decline
Yet youth in you renews my youth
To prove we share that constant truth
Though be obscured by fortune's pall
Can still procure the cure for all
Or so I hope with thoughts that dote
How can I love you without hope?
Yet give you more by what I wrote
And loving you my praises shine
Your beauty lasts the words are mine



Anyone can lie in bed
And lie and lie inside their head
While still displaying all their charms
To take a lover without qualms
But spoken words that are not true
Stick to the soul like gum to chew
What's the pointof conversation
If you can't trust the declaration?
Yet lovers with their lovers lie
Especially when they've more than one
To squaer the circle they must try
In order to maintain the fun
So lie with me to meet our ends
Or tell the truth and just be friends




Is this your soul which I have kept
Within my mind before we slept?
Is this your heart which I pursued
Which you mislaid when slightly stewed?
Are these the eyes with level gaze
That give surprise in myriad ways?
Are those the lips which tantalise
With promise of a greater prize?
Then I on heaven's clouds have fed
And bowed before unleavened bread
And mystic union that I sought
Has come to earth by what you brought
For writing this I change the time
Requiting love to be sublime



Teach me everything about love
For I'm naive within your arms
And in return my soul will fly
Proclaiming all your loveliness
Which men will read and sometimes sigh
In longing for just one caress
Then look each other in the eye and say
Last night I slept with some goddess
But only in their dreams
For I will guard your heavens gate
Protecting you from all the stress
That lovely women say is fate
Thus fair exchange within our bed
Your gentleness is left unsaid



Just a little bit of dancing
Just a little bit of talking
Throw in a bout of laughing
Perhaps a bit of courting
Get the good vibes on
Wild side walking
Try a liason
Not too daunting
But in the long run
All you need
Stay off the wrong one
Heart could bleed
Is someone where the love won't perish
Someone to hold you and feel cherished



The hero always has a handicap
An impediment or maybe mishap
Which then prevents him as the tale unfurls
Being successful with the best of girls
i.e. the sweetest and most vulnerable
So when they meet his mood is honourable
Thus refusing to end up in her bed
As she's confused by someone else instead
But eventually everything's resolved
And he and the heroine get involved
Only to find she can't shake off her past
Still under the influence of some bastard
Who turns her on pays the bills but love it isn't
Then learns she's wrong and is fulfilled with hero pleasant



Your life has all the hallmarks of a major novel
Psychopathic ex boyfriend Italian traducer
Your best friend's dad who tried to seduce you
The older man whom you'd never marry
The sleepness nights SAD then life to parrry
But carry on hoping truth will unfurl
Everyman's dream of an ideal girl
Like some goddess walked into the play
Not Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth
Or blooming Julie Andrews or Doris Day
Just an ordinary girl who got in the way
Of Fate lapping your feet and baying
For the moon of your beauty on fire
A vehicle for Strret Car Named Desire